Auto-Teile-Unger (A.T.U) looks forward to integrated ECRM. With the help of the ELAINE Online Dialogue Marketing Solution provided by ECRM specialist artegic, A.T.U is fully integrating email marketing in its customer relation management. Main focus is the management of A.T.U loyalty card holders, as well as the distribution and service communication for its online shop. Online dialogue marketing is a fundamental part of the new strategic direction of automotive dealer and workshop chain A.T.U. With email-supported campaigns, A.T.U is planning to further expand its ecommerce turnover and effectively support marketing at point of sale. Basis for the customised communication is the ELAINE Online Direct Marketing technology. The system presented A.T.U with a well-developed and highly integratable solution, which enables comprehensive data exchange between the online shop and the central customer management systems. Existing and potential customers in different areas can now be targeted and managed holistically and individually.

Automated and individualised dialogue marketing

The objective was the construction of an interest orientated and precisely timed dialogue marketing during the customer lifecycle. Primary target groups are the subscribers of the newsletters, the holders of the A.T.U card, as well as the customers of the A.T.U online shops. A.T.U is planning to gradually expand its control of the online customer retention via artegic’s integrated solution. Emails are sent via artegic’s certified data centre.

Comprehensive customer dialogue

The automated determination of sales options enables A.T.U to target customers in a very precise way. Automated notifications on service intervals, TÜV, ASU or reminders for required seasonal maintenance, such as winter/summer tyre changes make effective use of possible sales opportunities. At the same time, this event-specific communication will be appreciated as a relevant and friendly service. The option of printable coupons makes the success of the campaigns measurable all the way to point of sale. The automated activation of A.T.U card holders offers customers, for example, access to the current point balance of their A.T.U card account. In collaboration with artegic, A.T.U also developed an overall management of the data usage agreements. Consent is obtained in a consistent and targeted way across A.T.U’s more than 650 European stores, as well as online.

“With the ELAINE ECRM solution, A.T.U integrates the central platform for the existing and future customer dialogue in the channels email, RSS and SMS. Especially the use of the full potential of ecommerce and the comprehensive integration in CRM, EShop and subsidiary stores are of strategic importance to A.T.U. artegic supports us with reliable technology and fist-class know-how”, says Matthias X. Handschuh, Head of Ecommerce, Auto-Teile-Unger.

Stefan von Lieven, CEO, artegic, highlights the benefits of consistent, web-based dialogue marketing: “We look forward to an exciting collaboration with A.T.U. In particular, the comprehensive integration, including benchmarking of the individual stores, shows the potential hidden in online direct marketing.”

About A.T.U

Founded in 1985 by Peter Unger, A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger is now German market leader for all automotive services. The combination of professional workshop with integrated automotive retailer for almost all car makes and the consistent service are the cornerstones of its success. Approximately 1.7 million customers have already benefited from the A.T.U loyalty card. A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger employs over 15,000 staff and has branches in Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.