Advertising in newsletters is effective. This is the conclusion of the credit card company Barclaycard and artegic client IP Deutschland after a campaign in the RTL newsletter. Barclaycard had a prominent position across several editions of the RTL newsletter. The success of the campaign was determined via a subscribers’ survey.

The result: Barclaycard is top of mind.

Thanks to its advertising presence, Barclaycard became a top of mind product by users of the RTL newsletter. When asked which credit card company would spontaneously come to mind, 8% of respondents named Barclaycard and secured this financial service provider an excellent second place. In addition, every second reader (47%) had noted the banner of the credit card provider and 17% actually clicked on it for more detailed information from the microsite.

IP Deutschland at the same time used the opportunity to investigate the popularity and the response to the newsletter in addition to the effect of the banner. Content as well as design were very popular with our readership. A third of subscribers read the newsletter intensively and more than half stated that one of the incitements for opening the newsletter was the sender address RTL. More than two thirds consider advertising in this medium normal, a total of 63% were not bothered by the ads. The summarising conclusion of the respondents: The RTL newsletter works in its current format. Frank Herold, Interactive Manager at IP Deutschland, confirms the impression given by these numbers: “Over 1.8 million registered users receive the weekly RTL newsletter and each month, an additional 35000 subscribe. This underlines the increasing popularity of this means of communication.” For the accompanying research, more than 4000 newsletter recipients were questioned. For this purpose, subscribers who had opened the newsletter, were asked in an email to take part in the online survey.

artegic has been supporting IP Deutschland and the RTL Deutschland Gruppe since 2004 in email marketing.

(Source: IP Deutschland)