Bonn/Rheine – frozen foods supplier apetito plans to base its email customer dialogue on the ELAINE Online Direct Marketing Technology supplied by German online CRM service provider artegic. It aims to improve customer communications with a more precise individualisation according to the interest profiles of its subscribers. Prospect acquisition will therefore be expanded and customer loyalty will be enhanced. New communication platforms were implemented for the sectors of collective and individual catering, as well as for online shops. Emails are sent via artegic’s ECO-certified ELAINE platform.

Over a million people consume food from apetito daily, which makes this pioneering company in the frozen food industry one of the market leaders in collective catering and the end-consumer market. apetito’s approximately 7000 employees deliver a food range of more than 2500 menus and menu components, producing an annual turnover of more than half a billion Euros (as of 2006).