RTL interactive GmbH relies on consulting and technology from the real-time CRM provider artegic AG for customer loyalty and customer activation for the Video on Demand Service TV NOW. The aim is to enable integrated, customer-centric, digital dialogue as part of customer lifecycle communication.

The core of the solution is a customer-centric 360° database, in which data from customer profiles, subscriptions and the video usage behaviour of the customers are merged, as well as marketing automation, which controls individualised communication on the basis of this data. Technically, the solution is based on an Apteco FastStats data warehouse application which is seamlessly integrated in ELAINE Marketing Automation by artegic. In this way, RTL interactive can transfer behavioural and profile-based findings directly into automated campaigns via email and mobile push. The goals are a close customer relationship along the customer lifecycle as well as the improvement of the customer experience through individual and relevant communication in the use of the portal.

574 percent result uplift through intelligent variant optimization

During the launch phase of TV-NOW, RTL interactive relied on the artegic Marketing Automation solution for intensive variant optimization. In order to win new customers, partially automated, multivariate tests were developed and carried out. During the launch phase alone, more than 150 communication variants were implemented in multi-stage campaigns. The intelligent variant optimisation achieved a result uplift of 574 percent with opening rates of up to 50 percent. A patent pending solution developed by artegic for the efficient control of multivariate optimization was also used. The solution uses a variety of parameters such as address, design, structure, content, call-to-action, subject, colour, time, personalisation, etc. to identify the relevant criteria for a mailing and thus helps to reduce the effort and complexity involved in creating variants. The procedure is based on artificial intelligence and for the first time uses the latest methods based on the principle of Design of Experiment.

“CRM is an important part of the success of Video on Demand. artegic has supported us from the very beginning with its well-founded experience, both in the expertise for digital customer communication and with the necessary technical solution competence. We were able to launch our CRM measures and our technical infrastructure extremely successfully”. Robert Dube, Head of Video on Demand, sums up the cooperation.

“The project is a vivid example of how intelligent optimization can lead to significant improvements in results. By focusing on the really important decision parameters, complexity and effort can be reduced and the full potential of multivariate testing can be realized. With RTL interactive, we are delighted not only to realize a very exciting application for customer-centric CRM, but also to use the latest optimization methods that will produce innovative and measurably better results for many future applications,” says Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG.

Video on Demand with TV NOW

The Video on Demand Service TV NOW started at the beginning of 2016 with a new offer. Via the TV NOW portal or the app, subscription customers have access to many already broadcast formats of the free-TV channels of the Media Group RTL (RTL, VOX, n-tv, RTL-Nitro, RTLplus, Super-RTL, RTL2, and TOGGO plus as online streams). TV NOW Plus customers experience the offer in better quality, as well as with exclusive preview of popular series such as “Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten” or “Alles was zählt”. Digital dialogue marketing is the essential channel for communication with subscription customers and potential new customers.