German technology and consulting provider of online CRM, artegic AG, premiers dynamic emails, which adapt automatically in real-time, depending on whether they are opened on a PC or mobile terminal device. The aim is to optimise the display on Smartphones, without zooming and horizontal scrolling, by providing large touch screen compatible response elements”.

Mobile email has finally reached every-day life. Approximately 70.9 % of Germans with a suitable mobile terminal device use this for mobile email access. However, graphically designed emails often used in marketing or newsletters tend to suffer on small displays.

artegic’s email marketing experts now present the solution. With our new technology, emails can now dynamically be adapted to specific terminal device requirements.

And what’s unique: the despatched email automatically adapts to an adequate display on a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. On Smartphones, the email will be reduced to the minimal display width while the content is adapted, accordingly. Response elements, such as buttons will be changed to a shape and size adapted to touch screen operation. On PCs, however, the email will be displayed completely and without the particularities of the mobile device.

The automatic adaptation happens in real-time, i.e. the same email is dynamically changed depending on whether it is read on a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. For the first time, dual usage of emails on mobile and stationary clients can specifically be managed.

Response elements, content and links according to terminal device Through the exact identification of the access device elements and links can be specifically assigned, e. g. in order to provide an App link to an iPhone user or a link to a touch screen compatible shop site to a Tablet user.

Additionally, the terminal device types used can be saved for the email recipient in order to identify the preferred access modes or for statistical analysis of all response performance figures, such as clicks, openings and conversions, for each terminal device type.

Mobile email is progressing rapidly.

Email is now the most used application in mobile internet. Approximately 70.9 % of people interviewed in artegic’s current “Mobile Email Marketing 2012” study use their mobile terminal device to access their emails. Due to the rapid spread of Smartphones and Tablets, only 9.8 % still do not own a mobile terminal device, which allows email access.

The usage pattern of mobile emails is very intensive. 77.6 % of respondents access their email at least once per day when on the go. 53.5 % even state that they access their email more than 4 times per day from a mobile device – 24 % read their emails as soon as they arrive.

However, the use of emails on Smartphones or mobile phones still suffers from limitations. Especially, graphically designed emails, which can often be found in marketing or newsletters, may not be displayed correctly or are difficult to read and operate due to the small display screen and touch screen operation.

About a third of interviewees (31.6 %) of the “Mobile Email Marketing 2012” study complained about inadequate display. Too much scrolling is the biggest issue for 1 in 2 (48.4 %) mobile email users. A problem, email marketers have to face. Depending on the target group, approximately, 15-20 % of email access now happens on mobile devices.

“Mobile email and the communication with mobile target groups are the current challenge in marketing. With the dynamic mobile email, we get rid of one of the current obstacles”, says Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG.

About artegic AG:

artegic AG supports companies in the construction of loyal and profitable B2B and B2C customer relations via online channels. Our service portfolio includes strategic consulting, technology and business services for online CRM and dialogue marketing via email, RSS, mobile and social media.

With its online CRM technology ELAINE FIVE, artegic offers a unique high-performance solution for the comprehensive realisation of campaigns, as well as marketing automation based on self-sharpening analytical customer profiles.

Internationally, each month approximately 1.4 billion emails, SMS and social media messages are sent via ELAINE FIVE technology. As an associated company of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, artegic draws on the know-how of the latter, as well as the expertise from long-standing best practice with renowned clients, such as RTL, A.T.U.,,, Siemens Medical and the German Federal Ministries of Finance and Justice