bank99, which belongs to the Austrian Post, relies on the ELAINE Customer Engagement Platform.

bank99 uses ELAINE for email marketing activities at all relevant touchpoints in the banking customer lifecycle: address acquisition, newsletter mailing, onboarding of new users and customers, and numerous automated lead nurturing automations in sales. For bank99, email marketing is not only a sales tool, but also an effective way to communicate its corporate values. Currently, the company sends at least 100,000 emails per month, and the number is constantly growing.

Personalization is a must for bank99 in email marketing. The development at bank99 goes from emails to me-mails for each individual user. bank99 has a special focus on optimizing the customer experience and the various onboarding processes through marketing automation and context-sensitive communication.

“ELAINE from ELAINE technologies is a comprehensive solution that meets all needs of a digital marketer, from mass mailing to trigger-based lead nurturing. Combined with the great support, ELAINE is the first choice for us.”, says Balazs Ofczianka, Head of Digital & Channels at bank99.

Balazs Ofczianka, Head of Digital & Channels, bank99

“Customer-centric communication through personalization, automation and context-sensitivity is an essential building block for successful email marketing, especially for financial firms. bank99 is a pioneer here in the German-speaking region. We look forward to the collaboration.”, says Stefan von Lieven, CEO of ELAINE technologies.

Stefan von Lieven, CEO, ELAINE technologies GmbH