The ELAINE Customer Engagement Platform from ELAINE technologies has received the German Stevie Award in Gold in the category “Saving Energy”. Furthermore, ELAINE received the German Stevie Award in Silver in the category “Business Technology Solution – Marketing / Public Relations Solutions”. Every year, the jury of the German Stevie Award honors particularly innovative and successful companies or their products in Germany.

Climate-neutral email marketing

ELAINE technologies was the first Software as a Service provider to receive the German Stevie Award in Gold in the category “Saving Energy” for its efforts to achieve climate neutrality in email marketing. The award applies to both the ELAINE platform and the company. The measures include analyzing and reducing the energy consumption of the software platform as well as the company, operating the data centers with green electricity, and optimizing the software functionality.

Stevie Gold Winner 2023 EN

Quality assurance through improved monitoring

The complexity of software-supported marketing processes is increasing and with it the susceptibility to errors, for example in the processing of data for the individualization of campaigns. Incompletely transferred data or data fields that have not been set can lead to faulty email marketing campaigns. ELAINE improves quality assurance in email marketing with two new functions: ELAINE Rule Engine and ELAINE Health Monitor. For these innovations, ELAINE was awarded the German Stevie Award in silver in the category “Business Technology Solution – Marketing / Public Relations Solutions”. The ELAINE Enterprise Rule Engine allows complex sets of rules for quality assurance to be created in a flow chart editor without programming knowledge. Using these sets of rules, marketing teams can automatically check their email marketing campaigns at any time. The ELAINE Health Monitor, on the other hand, monitors deviations from predefined key figures and thus recognizes, for example, whether not all necessary data has been transferred from a third-party system or whether the response tracking is not working properly.

Stevie Silver Winner 2023

“We are committed to the goals of our customers as well as to the goals of society as a whole. From this commitment comes our effort to further improve our ELAINE technology for our customers but also to make the use of the technology more sustainable. We are pleased that our efforts for climate-neutral email marketing as well as better quality assurance in email marketing have been recognized by the German Stevie Award and would like to thank the jury as well as our customers who drive us to better results every day,” says Stefan von Lieven, CEO of ELAINE technologies, about the German Stevie Awards.

Stefan von Lieven, CEO, ELAINE technologies