Orchestrate all
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Cross-channel marketing central solution

With cross-channel marketing you can be everywhere your customers are, even on the move, with your messages. Unfortunately, cross-channel marketing often brings with it inconsistencies or redundancy because a lot of marketers are overwhelmed by the complexity of running different channels in parallel.

With our marketing automation technology, ELAINE, you can reduce the complexity of your cross-channel marketing and orchestrate all channels using a central solution. ELAINE decides for itself which content is communicated to which customer at which time and on which channel.

Cross Channel Marketing Facts

internet-capable devices will be owned by the average user by 2020 (Cisco Systems).
of users switch between at least two digital screens every day (MarketingLand/Google).
retention rate achieved by brands that use cross-channel marketing (Invesp).
of retailers say that cross-channel marketing strategies are important for their success (Brightpearl).

The cross-channel marketing capabilities of ELAINE

Application cases for cross-channel marketing with ELAINE

Cross-channel marketing automation

With ELAINE you implement cross-channel marketing automation measures. Use the ELAINE Campaign Designer to create cross-channel marketing campaigns where you select different channels for each of the different types of approaches. Go one step further and have ELAINE automatically detect at each level which channel is best for reaching your customer in the current context.

artegic ELAINE realtime marketing automation

The graphic here shows a sample workflow for a cross-channel marketing automation campaign run by an automotive service provider. The aim of the campaign is to motivate the customer to go to the garage to have winter tyres fitted after the first snowfall.