DHL Paket GmbH uses for the dispatch of shipping and delivery notifications the ELAINE Transactional Message Hub by artegic. By using artegic software, DHL reduces the complexity of managing approximately 2 billion transactional mails per year while creating a superior service experience for end customers.

For added value and a perfect service experience in end customer communication, DHL relies on high-quality designed transactional mails and additional services. Through the efficient template and workflow management the DHL team can significantly reduce the complexity of template creation and management. Thus, extensive and even complex individualized transactional mails can be realized easily and securely.

ELAINE Transactional Message Hub’s highly automated message processing, real-time data integration, and automated testing capabilities provide additional time savings for the marketing team of DHL.

In an extensive evaluation with proof-of-concept in the areas of performance, innovation, and handling, among others, technology provider artegic was able to prevail.

Secured delivery with ELAINE Transactional Message Hub

Reliable delivery of shipping and delivery notifications is business critical for DHL. With ELAINE Transactional Message Hub, DHL sends more than 700 transaction mails per second with secure delivery directly to the end customer’s mailbox at peak times. Extensive options for automated quality checks prevent the dispatch of faulty transactional mails and thus ensure consistently high quality.

Integration of live and marketing data

To guarantee highest relevance for the end customer, DHL integrates numerous live data into the transaction mails. This includes, for example, the exact delivery time and the option of offering different recipient services at different times during the parcel run, e.g. the deposit of a handover location.

“We want to offer our end customers a first-class service experience. With the ELAINE Transactional Message Hub from artegic we have found the technology that fully meets our requirements for a powerful and flexible platform for transactional emails. artegic convinced us with his know-how in the area of email marketing and transactional communication as well as his understanding of complex enterprise requirements” states Richard Lange, VP Product Management Private Customers & Recipients, DHL Paket GmbH.

“Service and transactional emails are the most important contact between companies and their customers. Our mission is to use ELAINE Transactional Message Hub to make transactional emails an experience for end customers and a success factor for marketing and service. With DHL, we are pleased to support a company that is at the forefront of transactional communication with an annual volume of approximately two billion messages and the highest standards of transactional communication” says Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG.