The digital CRM consulting and technology provider artegic and the software provider for data analysis and automation Apteco GmbH have started a partnership. The jointly developed API allows a seamless integration of ELAINE’s Realtime CRM automation technology from artegic with the data analysis software FastStats Discoverer from Apteco.

The data analysis software FastStats Discoverer enables fast and powerful data visualization, customer analysis and customer segmentation. The process of transferring the resulting selections to the Realtime CRM Automation solution ELAINE can be made with a simple mouse click or fully automated. The FastStats Discoverer enables the organization of customer data, based on simple selections or complex models, e.g. Next Best Offer or RFM / RFMV. This information is thereafter used to optimize client approach through email, mobile, APP or social media via ELAINE. Based on the data and segments from FastStats, ELAINE enables complex message customization with the highest degree of individualization and personalization right up to contextual real-time adaptation. All response data from the digital dialog, e.g. clicks, openings and conversions from email marketing, flow seamlessly back into FastStats for further response analysis and target group optimization.

“In order to ensure a holistic, individual customer communication, all data from a wide range of touchpoints have to be directly analyzed and used,” commented Martin Clark, Apteco’s CEO. “Enterprises today need to be able to consolidate their data silos and transform the information into effective campaigns along the customer journeys.”

“Relevance in marketing and service communication is increasingly determined by the correct use of customer data, adaptation to usage contexts, as well as speed and right timing. An automated, real-time data exchange between all systems involved has become a critical success factor. artegics Realtime Marketing Automation Platform ELAINE and Aptecos FastStats marketing suite offer an ideal combination between extremely fast, customer-centric data analysis and highly individualized communication at the right moment, channel and context. The combination of both solutions allows users to capture data at all touchpoints, to centralize and analyze it and to use it to design appropriate communication measures. This entire process is automated, seamless and without delay”, states Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG, regarding the cooperation between artegic and Apteco.

575 percent result uplift through intelligent variant optimization at RTL TV Now

In the launch phase of the video-on-demand service TV NOW, RTL interactive opted for intensive e-mail variant optimization using artegic ELAINE technology as well as Apteco FastStats. New customer acquisition, for example, was conducted by developing and implementing partly automated, multivariate tests with more than 150 communication variants in a six-stage campaign. The intelligent variant optimization achieved a result uplift of 575 percent at opening rates of up to 50 percent.

Realtime CRM Automation with ELAINE

ELAINE® is the award-winning next-generation digital marketing suite for impressive digital cross-channel dialogue marketing in real-time! ELAINE helps companies understand their customers, take advantage of opportunities in the customer lifecycle, and start the right communication at the right moment. For more results with less operational effort!

About FastStats

The owner-managed company Apteco develops software for the analysis of marketing data and the automation of campaigns. The FastStats® software from Apteco provides marketers with additional knowledge from their data. The portfolio includes marketing solutions for customer segmentation, data mining, forecasting models, customer profiling, multichannel campaign management and reporting capabilities. Thanks to the international Apteco sales partner network, more than 500 FastStats® installations are now running on the computers of nearly 3,700 users, 500 of which are campaign managers, distributed over 100 systems. Apteco’s customers include DER TOURNIK, FitnessFirst, gebrüder götz, K & L Ruppert, Lechwerke, RTL interactive, TravianGames and Weltbild, as well as numerous other European, North American and Australian companies.