Digital CRM provider artegic is releasing ELAINE SIX, the next generation of the award-winning digital marketing suite from ELAINE. ELAINE SIX combines the highly customer-centric approach of CRM with state-of-the-art marketing capabilities. Both real-time and automatization enable optimum individualization of the message, depending on the time, context and content. ELAINE SIX helps innovation-driven companies achieve this best potential by improving upon four success factors associated to digital transformation in marketing: data, efficient processes, communication and analytics.

Nowadays, successful marketing strategies need to focus upon the customer. 90 percent of marketers have recognized the importance of customer-centric communication and experience. However, only 20 percent of the customers feel they are being valued or individually addressed. This summons companies, to place their customers more than ever at the center of an appreciative, relevant and personal communication.

ELAINE SIX is taking the important step towards real-time capability

The starting point for creating an individual customer experience is using the right opportunities in the customer journey. The right impulses must be offered during the individually fitting moments and contexts (so-called micro-moments) for the individual customer. The decisive factors are speed, mobility, flexibility and especially individualization, which help reach the customer at the right moment with the appropriate message and best suited style. With the new ELAINE SIX Customer Journey Designer, individual customer journeys can be modeled by simple drag & drop and linked to marketing automation dialogs in the relevant micro moments / contexts. Campaigns can be flexibly created in ELAINE SIX for all channels and message types (email, SMS, mobile messenger, app, etc.). Depending on the context, the best suited message is displayed in the appropriate channel dynamically, automatically and in real-time.

Since the data required by this process remains often unknown until the moment of use and will be made available only seconds before it should be used, ELAINE SIX is able to process real-time data. Among the possibilities real-time creates is that of analyzing information from the usage context during the contact with the customer. This enables to control the communication measures without time delay or to dynamically adapt the communicated contents. This process creates a flexible dialog, well-adapted to the context as well as to the latest data, such as price changes or weather reports.

The basis for this process is the ELAINE SIX real-Time Marketing Operating System (rMOS) Core, a highly scalable system architecture developed by artegic.

Process optimization through own applications

The new ELAINE Extended Application Framework (XAF) makes it easy to integrate your own application-specific apps. You can adapt the view to make it individual, roll-specific or simplified. This type of approach helps ELAINE SIX make highly efficient processes and workflows possible and allow employees to use specially tailored ELAINE applications while effectively integrating them into important workflows.

Increased profit through automated optimization

Among the most important developments brought by ELAINE SIX is the expansion of the automated optimization of communication with the help of machine learning procedures. ELAINE SIX provides a variety of testing methods for the optimization of digital dialog marketing campaigns. In addition to standard procedures, such as various A / B tests, ELAINE SIX supports multivariate testing procedures that automatically optimize themselves. The patent-pending solution is based on artificial intelligence and uses the latest methods according to the principle of statistical experiment planning and machine learning. Based on this email campaign optimization process, RTL Interactive was able to achieve a profit increase of 575 percent.

Consistent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation

The passing of the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2016, marked the establishment of a new legal basis for data protection in the EU. This legislation impacts all companies whose business model involves the recording and processing of (personal) data. ELAINE SIX has been developed in accordance with the GDPR and supports companies in implementing the requirements of the Directive. For example, ELAINE SIX integrates the privacy-by-design concept, (PAC), hashed logging of logging, or the use of so-called private clouds, which combine a high level of protection of sensitive data with the advantages of cloud services.

artegic was one of the first providers of marketing cloud services to be awarded by TÜV Rheinland the international standard for IT security and data protection ISO / IEC 27018. This certification confirms the fulfillment of the highest standards of availability, confidentiality and integrity of cloud service data as well as data protection compliance according to the General Data Protection Regulation.