ECRM service provider artegic offers an integrated technology solution for community and marketing communication of Web 2.0 platforms.

The internet trading community Hitflip and its sister platform Hitmeister ( are amongst the most successful Web 2.0 start-ups of the past few years.

Hitflip is Europe’s biggest P2P swapping platform for DVDs, games, CDs, audio books and books with over 275,000 active members in Germany, Austria and the UK. After ebay and Amazon, Hitmeister has become the third largest online marketplace for media products.

“Our aim is to further reduce the gap between us and the market leaders and even catch them up”, says Jan Miczaika, founder and director of Hitmeister. “Effective online dialogue marketing is essential for us. However, optimal customer communication and effective cross and up-selling only work with sophisticated customer analytics and profiling. Here, ELAINE seems to be the measure of all things”, continues Miczaika.

For the expansion and optimisation of its member marketing, Hitflip and Hitmeister will soon be employing the ELAINE online direct marketing technology of German online CRM provider artegic.

“The usability in the Office look & feel and the technological maturity of artegic’s solution convinced us. Last but not least, the comprehensive interfaces for linking our community systems are a vital criterium for us”, sums up Miczaika.

The sending of around 1.5 million emails per month takes place via artegic’s certified ELAINE SaaS platform.