ECRM technology provider artegic introduces its latest version of the ECRM software suite ELAINE PXf. In addition to the comprehensive new module for campaign planning, this latest version also stands out with its email follow-up management and its creation and administration system for landing pages. Further, campaigns can now be distributed via social networks and social media channels, such as Twitter. artegic’s ELAINE suite supports companies in all tasks of digital direct marketing. The simple feature sets include the creation, address management, sending and analysis of professional email, RSS and SMS mailings.

NEW: Perfect campaign planning

One of the core improvements of ELAINE expands its existing campaign planning management. The module is primarily aimed at marketers. For individual campaigns, you can now plan and reserve address selections in advance. This serves to accommodate the marketing of stand alone campaigns with a defined control of frequency and capacity. In addition to the common profile details (e.g. age, gender, interests), it is now possible in the selection process to set priorities among the address lists and therefore incorporate list preferences and occupancies in the planning process. A clear calendar shows which lists are occupied when and how. And a configurable frequency management prevents excessive targeting of the same contacts.

NEW: Integration and creation of landing pages

As an optimal addition to email and RSS campaigns, the new ELAINE version offers the possibility to directly manage landing pages. Existing landing pages can be imported and new landing pages based on templates can be created directly in the ELAINE WYSIWYG editor. In view of the wide range of mobile end devices, this feature is aimed particularly at the mobile email marketing sector.

NEW: Social media marketing without time loss

Social media channels are turning into a more and more interesting component of online direct marketing campaigns. As one of the first software solutions, ELAINE now allows you to directly integrate social networks, such as Facebook or MySpace into direct marketing. Flexible, automated publishing of content is now possible via existing Twitter accounts. For this purpose, any number of individual publishing mechanisms can be freely defined.

NEW: Marketing automation with multilevel follow-ups

Another expansion of the ELAINE system is the new follow-up management. Based on the user performance and any changes in the user profile, actions can now be predefined and automatically triggered by means of a timeline. These actions include the sending of email or SMS mailings, as well as the automatic modification of user profiles. This means, you can realise a mailing sequence, which is triggered according to a time slot, user response or changes in the profile, e.g. customer value or activity index. By means of the follow-up management, automated reactivation, as well as the development of customers, for example, in the e-commerce life cycle becomes possible. The different options can all be freely combined in the new ELAINE version.