Registrations to events concerning the German Presidency of the European Council are run via a system developed by artegic.

The German Presidency of the European Council faces the German Federal Ministry with new administrative tasks, for example, registration of politicians, magistrates, service providers, journalists and other participants to up-coming consultancies, seminars, and congresses.

In conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Finances, artegic has developed an online solution which can process accreditation requests securely and efficiently.

The system called HILDA is based on the “KISS” concept: Keep It Simple and Secure. It combines the high demands of operators on security and reliability with an application, which is easy to integrate and flexible to use. HILDA is already being employed in the Financial Ministers’ G7 conference, as well as in the Federal Ministry for the Interior and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.

Other applications are planned for this spring.

HILDA presents itself to the applying user as a simple form, in which personal data, special requirements and all requests in regard to accommodation and security personnel can be entered. Via a button, all data will be transferred to the Ministry’s corresponding departments. Also, a back office system which is based on XML enables the data reception and accreditation. HILDA’s user interface has been designed for use with all common web browsers. As a result, each department or external service provider taking part in the accreditation process can work with HILDA without the need of additional software installation. The layout can be adapted to the individual requirement and at the same time complies with the standard of the Decree on Barrier-free Information Technology (BITV).