Increasing user demands meet with more pressure on efficiency and more touchpoints which need to be taken into consideration. This could sum up the current development of digital marketing. artegic has forecast which important trends will result from this over the next two years and is publishing these compiled trends in a Free Whitepaper Download.

artegic has identified a total of seven important trends in the areas of “Operative Processes”, “Data”, “Communication” and “Tracking and Analysis” until 2015.

1. Data Use Management – From Big Data to Legal Big Data
2. Digital Customer Journey – Email as the Golden Thread
3. Super Personalising – Authentic Communication
4. Multi-Display Strategies – Beyond Mobile
5. The Customer Decides – Moving Away From Company-driven Marketing
6. Efficiency Analysis – Determining the Larger Context
7. Marketing Engineering – Marketing Meets IT

Marketing Engineering is becoming the core challenge

Marketing without IT support will become unthinkable in the future. Whether the personalisation of communication, legal collection, processing and analysis of data or optimisation of marketing measures across terminal devices, all relevant developments in digital marketing presuppose an interplay of marketing and IT: Marketing Engineering. This is reflected in the increasing investments in marketing technologies. According to a study by Gartner,  in 2017 CMOs will invest more in IT than CTOs. Trend 7 “Marketing Engineering – Marketing Meets IT” will therefore become a core challenge in digital marketing.