PAYBACK considers email marketing one of the most important digital communication channels when reaching millions of customers with its offers. The success factor is the customer-specific personalisation of relevant partner offers. To achieve this, all newsletter campaigns by PAYBACK will be managed centrally via artegic’s ELAINE FIVE Online Dialogue CRM. With this automated content processing and workflow solution developed by artegic, PAYBACK has already been able to save more than 25% of its total expenditure of time invested in the creation of newsletter campaigns. PAYBACK is one of the largest marketing platforms wordwide and reaches more than 30 million customers in Germany through offline, online and mobile channels.

Market leader PAYBACK sends more than 500 million coupon emails containing offers from partner companies each year. Thanks to the customer-specific individualised emails, partner companies achieve different goals from customer retention to customer intensification and upselling or cross-selling.

Newsletters are sent in several thousand different variants in order to deliver each customer the most suitable personalised offers.
For its processing and sending, PAYBACK introduced the ELAINE® FIVE solution of German online CRM consulting and technology provider artegic AG. artegic is also realising the life-cycle communication for user activation for PAYBACK.

Individualising Through Automated Content Processing

Without marketing automation, the large volume and the individualisation could not be handled economically. artegic has therefore developed an automated content processing solution for PAYBACK, which efficiently displays the complex offer dispatch logic. This solution includes the adoption of planning data from Excel campaign sheets, the creation of teasers via an integrated online graphic editor, as well as the workflow management for the coordination of granular changes and clearing of partners and service providers.

The most important requirements from PAYBACK to the email marketing technology employed, was the display of the offer dispatch logic, comprehensive abilities for marketing automation, the support or display of the creation and approval process, as well as the highest level of reliability and send quality.

“Only artegic with its ELAINE FIVE was able to really fulfil these requirements. The technical possibilities of the solution, its user-friendliness, as well as artegic’s know-how have convinced us”, says Mark Brauch, Digital Direct Marketing Manager at PAYBACK.

“Individualised marketing on this level requires the processing of a large number of granular contents.  The ability of quick and efficient content processing can be seen as the core of relevant and target-specific communication in the online dialogue. In the collaboration with PAYBACK, we are looking forward to being able to realise one of the internationally most demanding tasks in this area”, explains Stefan von Lieven, CEO at artegic AG.

Lecture: “Highly individualised email marketing using the practical example of PAYBACK”

How artegic and PAYBACK employ the automated content processing solution in practice, will be explained by Stefan von Lieven and Mark Brauch in the context of a specialised lecture at the Internet World Expo in Munich on 19th March, 4pm in the Infoarena 2. You can request a download of the lecture free of charge at: