artegic presents its new version of the ELAINE iRSS marketing server at the Mailingtage expo 2008.

Browsers, personal landing pages, podcasts or widgets – more and more applications use the standardised XML format RSS for the exchange of information. Therefore, the number of people which can be reached through the conscious or unconscious usage of RSS via this channel is rising. According to a current study from Avenue A/Razorfish, more than 50% of online users are already using RSS, whether knowingly or unknowingly. So far, those users were unknown and could hardly be targeted for marketing purposes. Businesses therefore are loosing out on important information regarding acceptance and usage of their RSS offers, as well as possible customising of RSS feeds to their specific subscribers. So, trying to market RSS offers without knowing the coverage and success rates presents difficulties.

The online direct marketing software ELAINE, the first standard software for 1:1 RSS marketing, opens up a new frontier of possibilities. This new software solution will be presented at the Mailingtage expo 2008 in its new and extended version. ELAINE allows the individual, customised, personalised and completely measurable supply of RSS feeds. This new release demonstrates improved administration of those feeds from external sources, such as content management systems, as well as iRSS fingerprinting technology for user recognition. The system is now able to link existing RSS feeds, providing them to each subscriber according to their individual interests and newly composed. Via a precise usage measurement, user activity, click-throughs, interests and conversions can be measured, allowing for future compositions of feeds in the form of user profiles.

“ELAINE iRSS unlocks the popular RSS concept for its application in marketing” says Stefan von Lieven, CMO of artegic, “Valid statements about coverage, user performance and success of RSS feeds can be made and the content can be processed and optimised for specific target groups.”

You can try the ELAINE RSS server live at the Mailingtage expo in Nuremberg on 18 and 19 June 2008 at the artegic AG stall (hall 4/4-711).

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a collective term for platform-independent XML-based data formats for the exchange of content. RSS is mainly used for the supply of website news, which can be called up automatically with common browsers and special RSS access programs without having to access the website directly. As a simple format, RSS is used in more and more new applications for the automated supply of information. A common application is podcasting, where MP3 audio files are distributed as content.