6 in 10 marketers believe that a switch from the double opt-in procedure to an opt-out procedure would have a damaging effect on the channel email marketing. This is the conclusion of a current study by artegic AG. 72.2% believe that the change to the opt-out procedure would have a negative effect on the acceptance of email as a medium. 76.6% view a change as negative for consumers.

In a study of 600 marketers and managing directors, online CRM consulting and technology provider artegic AG investigated the views of companies regarding the current discussion around opt-in procedures in email marketing. A clear favourite was the double opt-in procedure where a recipient confirms his registration via a click in an email triggered by the registration. In addition to benefits concerning the legal security through proof of consent, this procedure also has a positive effect on the data quality. 92% of respondents say that the double opt-in procedure has a positive effect on the address quality in email marketing. In total, the double opt-in procedure is currently used by 74.1% of the companies surveyed. 17.3% focus on single opt-in, 8.6% even on opt-out, i.e. the registration without explicit consent with the option to unregister if desired. Interesting fact: Although most companies generally see a change from double opt-in to opt-out as damaging for the medium email marketing (60%) and even for the email (72.2%) and the consumers (76.6%), 25.9% would like to use opt-out if the legal requirements allowed it. It remains unclear in how far the opt-out procedure alone would be suitable in email marketing. For 41% it would be an appropriate procedure. 45.2% however, see it as unsuitable.

“The study demonstrates that most marketers are aware of the effects different procedures have on certain aspects, such as the data quality. Nevertheless, the findings show a split picture. Even though a large proportion of respondents view the switch from double opt-in to opt-out – which is currently being discussed in Brussels –  as damaging for the channel email marketing, a significant proportion (41%) see it as a suitable procedure”, resumes Stefan Mies, Senior Marketing Manager at artegic AG.

“The double opt-in procedure has proven itself in practice and is expected by our WEB.DE and GMX users. At the same time, advertising customers can ensure a high address quality. The procedure is therefore an important pre-requisite for high-quality direct communication between companies and users. We assume that a change would have negative effects on the entire communication via email, explicitly the delivery rate” says Rasmus Griese, CEO at United Internet Dialog.