Swiss Post Solutions will, in future, use the ELAINE e-CRM software suite of artegic AG in the areas of e-commerce and CRM & loyalty programmes. The main objective of the full service outsourcing service provider is to allow its customers to handle campaigns, to expand a dialogue-oriented tailored customer approach and to optimise customer data management including various segmentation approaches, as part of an integrated solution. As the first customer, Swiss Post will use the e-CRM technology to establish more profitable customer relationships via online channels for one of the four largest phone service providers here.

“Email marketing is very important to us”

According to the 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report by, email marketing was the only sector which was able to record a budget increase in the last year, besides the hyped topic of social media. Swiss Post attaches a similar level of importance to the subject: “Email marketing is very important to us in order to be able to offer customers high-quality digital communications,” commented Kilian Thalhammer, Solutions Director at Swiss Post. “It is particularly important to us that the communications initiated by email marketing always run in both directions.” The combination of personalising the information and automating the processing with ELAINE was therefore one of the main arguments in favour of the cooperation between Swiss Post Solutions and artegic AG. High-quality features such as an intuitive system interface, management and segmentation options, editing features as well as statistics and reporting facilities were, according to Thalhammer, the factors which finally influenced the decision in favour of the ELAINE technology.

Customer-specific personalisation and dialogue capability

The latest stage in the development of the ELAINE Online Dialogue CRM specifically places social network marketing in a new context: customer relationships. The innovative approach therefore focuses on people and not channels. On the technical side, a completely revised interface as well as many new features have been developed and implemented. In addition to simplified operation, the optimisation of core processes constitutes another focal point of the new ELAINE FIVE version.

About Swiss Post

Swiss Post specialises in dialogue, document and e-business solutions, cross-border dispatch of mail and goods as well as consultancy services for business customers. More than 8,000 employees work for Swiss Post outside of Switzerland, in more than 20 countries, achieving a turnover totalling 1.1 billion euros in 2009. This represents about 20 per cent of Swiss Post’s total turnover of 5.8 billion euros. The Swiss Post Solutions division is developing innovative campaign and CRM solutions in order to win and retain customers, and is optimising processes in document management – both physically and digitally. These include the management of multi-channel campaigns via mail and Web, innovative customers and phonecard solutions, mailroom and archiving services, document output as well as extensive e-commerce, billing and security solutions.