100 features more and 100 clicks smarter – premiere of the new eCRM suite

German technology provider artegic AG publishes its newest version of the ELAINE eCRM software suite. ELAINE FIVE presents a new interface, as well as numerous new features developed in collaboration with clients. In addition to further simplified operation, featuring a new input concept, which requires less clicks, the development focused on the optimisation of the core processes. Above all in the areas of statistical analysis and social media linkage into the CRM, artegic raises the bar again in 2010.

The significance of social media channels as a component of online direct marketing campaigns is constantly increasing. ELAINE is one of the first software solutions to incorporate social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, into direct marketing campaigns as early as spring 2009. With the new version ELAINE FIVE Online Dialog CRM, social networks and their users can now be directly linked to the eCRM.

Identifying social network users through revolutionary fingerprinting technology

Uniquely, ELAINE FIVE for the first time enables the identification and profiling of anonymous social media users thanks to an innovative identification procedure. Not only friends and followers can now be directly managed in ELAINE, but also unknown contacts of the first and second level. The system even detects channel leaps, e.g. the forward of Twitter feeds to an unknown Facebook profile. A comprehensive analysis to measure the scope, conversions and user activity completes this new solution. Depending on the social network, target groups can be directly selected in ELAINE and messages sent to friends. This is possible due to an integrated social network middleware service for the linking of social networks, which will be provided to ELAINE users.

Activity analysis through heatmap visualisation

The statistical analysis has also been expanded by different engagement metrics. User activity can now be analysed through a special heatmap visualisation, including the duration of the membership. ELAINE users can therefore better control and specifically improve their member activities as an important issue in the online dialog marketing. “User engagement is becoming the core nominal value for campaigns. What has been measurable in ecommerce for a long time, is becoming the dominant competitive factor in other sectors where people still think of scope,” says Stefan von Lieven, artegic CEO.

Individual relevance from different performance figures

To simplify the benchmarking of the campaign success, ELAINE for the first time offers a single innovative performance figure. Thanks to the mailing relevance, a statement on the success of a mailing can be provided with one brief view. The relevance is based on the generated user activity, assessed according to the criteria defined for your specific business model. This allows simple comparisons of different variants in the pre-testing of campaigns. The individualisation of analysis is completed with the export of performance figures to predefined Excel templates for the calculation of individual KPIs and reports.

Templates and Drag & Drop composition

The composition of mailings with the integrated ELAINE Content Management features is now more graphic thanks to the implementation of visualised templates. The xml based template handling also allows the individual creation of templates with predefined restrictions. Contents of html, text and multi-part emailings, as well as SMS, RSS and social media messages can be compiled and changed simply per drag & drop in a direct preview.