According to the recent study by management consultant Capgemini “Cars Online”, email marketing is the most important tool for customer retention and repurchase in the automotive market. The automotive sector stands out through its very long customer lifecycle phases. As a high-involvement product, the purchase of a car is usually preceded by an extensive interest phase and the subsequent ownership phase stretches out over several years. Email marketing allows a continuous and individual dialogue throughout the entire lifecycle, even over a period of several years. An artegic AG demonstrates the benefits of email marketing in the individual customer lifecycle phases of the automotive market.

A high and consistent service quality is an essential factor for customer retention and also constitutes a differentiation characteristic versus the automotive competition. Consistent, relevant and punctual information are important characteristics of service quality perceived by customers. Even in the brand communication, email marketing is an effective tool and scores high with its individualisation, automation, comprehensive tracking and customer acceptance. Customers or members of “owner clubs” can receive customised information about up-to-date events around their vehicle and the club. Automated, multi-level email marketing campaigns cover the entire communication from customer events to invitation, appointment reminders to feedback and further information in the follow-up. At all touchpoints in the ownership phase, marketing is becoming the personal interface between brand and customer.