Use social media not only for unilateral push-communication but as a channel for the exchange at eye-level. Activate users instead of having only passive readers. Engagement instead of (only) coverage. In order to fully use the potential of social media, users should be involved in the dialogue.
There are a number of options to activate social media users. A common example would be competitions. These might be an effective tool to capture the user’s attention in the short term, but they often fail to sustain the dialogue. Questions on the other hand are a very efficient method to motivate users to interact and involve them in a dialogue. By actively approaching users, you show them interest and appreciation. Furthermore, you can draw interesting conclusions from the user’s answers. We have compiled 4 question options for you.

1. Feedback on Services

The best option to demonstrate a real interest in users, is to ask them for honest feedback on your services. Do you like the products? Was the service helpful? Do you have recommendations for improvements? It is important to respond to this feedback and further develop the dialogue based on these answers. When users suggest helpful improvements, let these users be involved in the implementation of these recommendations. In the case of improvements for a software product, for example, link the users directly with the developers and let the users exclusively test the new features. By doing so, you make them happy and create faithful evangelists, who will spread their positive experience of your company.

2. Use of Products

Ask your social media users how they use your products. Invite users to publish photos of themselves with your products, maybe in combination with a competition where the best photo will receive a prize. By doing so, you address the need for self-expression, which many users live out on social media platforms. You may even gain completely new and surprising findings about the use of your products. Some users may even agree to act as testimonials for your communication, which would give you maximum authenticity.

BMW asks Facebook fans for their favorite models

BMW asks Facebook fans for their favorite models

3. Offer Assistance

A consistent customer orientation is becoming obligatory. This means putting the customer requirements in the centre of your entrepreneurial activities including in marketing communication.  What would be a better way of placing the customer at the centre than personally asking him about his requirements and how you can assist him with your services?

4. Ask for Feedback

Content marketing is currently a hot trend. Users are approached with content which does not present any direct relationship with the company or product. This principle can also be transferred to the social media dialogue. Ask users their opinion on current topics and trends. In B2B, e.g. this may include current market developments or disruptive technologies. In an ideal case scenario, you would also deal with these topics in the context of your content marketing.