Opt-ins are the basis for the success of every email marketing campagne.  In this post we show you how to win opt-ins with display ads, Facebook & Instagram lead ads, Twitter lead generation cards, LinkedIn & Xing ads as well as Google ads.


1. Display ads

The classic display or banner ad offers a variety of ways to promote newsletters. Depending on the format, the newsletter form can be integrated directly into the display ad.

If possible, regarding the respective publisher or network, you can charge for a display ad based on the number of subscribers acquired.


Lidl wins opt-ins with display ads.


2. Facebook & Instagram lead ads

Facebook and Instagram lead ads have the advantage for your users that they don’t have to switch channels and there is no media break. They fill out the form directly in the social media platform they are currently using. The ads appear in the feed of your users and after clicking on the CTA they can leave their data directly in the form.

Create the paid ads using the Facebook Ads Manager.


Lidl wins opt-in with facebook lead ads / Disney Plus wins opt-ins with Instagram lead ads.


3. Twitter lead generation cards

Similar to Facebook and Instagram lead ads, you can create lead generation cards on Twitter. Users see the cards in their feed and can submit their data to you without leaving the platform.

In the Twitter Cards Manager, you can check the performance of your ads and optimize the design of your ads.


HP CLoud wins opt-ins with twitter lead generation cards.


4. LinkedIn & Xing ads

On LinkedIn you can place ads yourself via the Campaign Manager, on XING this is done via the Ad Manager. The following formats are available for ads:


  • Sponsored Content or Sponsored Posts
  • Text Ads (LinkedIn)
  • Dynamic Ads (LinkedIn)
  • Sponsored Articles (XING)

In contrast to LinkedIn, XING still allows you to place display banners as ads that are only played out to basic members.


eMinded GmbH wins opt-ins with LinkedIn ads.


5. Google ads

Every marketer knows about Google Ads. Be sure to link to your newsletter landing page when promoting your email marketing.

With Google Ads, you can also place ads with a lead form extension. After clicking on the ad, users open a form and enter their data, for example for newsletter registration, without a media break.


PAYBACK wins opt-ins with google ads including lead form extension.