Email marketing is permission marketing. This is why opt-ins are the basis for the success of every email marketing campagne. In this post we show you how to win opt-ins with mobile contexts, like QR-Codes, SMS/ messenger inbound, chatbots, bluetooth, registration for wifi and apps.


1. QR codes

QR codes are displayed in almost all channels and are particularly proven as an interface between print and online media. They are therefore particularly suitable for print and out-of-home touchpoints.

Tip: Don’t spend too long on information pages: After scanning the QR code, users land directly on the newsletter landing pages – which are mobile-optimized, of course.


A QR code that directly leads to a newsletter landing page.


2. SMS/ messenger inbound

By sending an SMS (with a code word) to a specific number, users register for the SMS news service.

It is also possible to subscribe to a newsletter if, for example, the email address is included in the SMS, e.g. by sending an SMS of the type “START ” to a speed dial number. This then triggers a double opt-in email.

Mobile messengers such as WhatsApp can also be used instead of SMS. The principle remains the same.


SMS of the type “START “


3. Chatbot

Your users are having a conversation with your chatbot? It can draw their attention to your email marketing, either at the end or right at the beginning of the conversation.


The LA Times uses a chatbot to draw attention to their email marketing


4. Bluetooth

URLs to newsletter landing pages can be sent to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. Such Bluetooth services can be offered, for example, at the PoS or in interactive posters with a transmission unit.

If the user’s smartphone is within range of the sending unit with the Bluetooth function activated, they receive a request asking whether they would like to receive further messages.


Bluetooth services with a transmission unit.


5. Registration for wifi

Especially in the restaurant and hotel industry, but also at events, it is common to offer guests (free) WiFi access after registration. Integrate the option to register for the newsletter into the registration process.


Burger King offers guests free wifi access after registration.

Tip: Incentivize newsletter registration when logging into the WiFi with, for example, a discount coupon. Depending on the local context, this is easily possible.


Subway incentivizes the newsletter registration when logging into the WiFi with a discount coupon.


6. Apps

Newsletter forms can also be integrated within apps.

Tip: Link the opt-in to an activation of the app or the activation of functions, if this is possible.


Newsletter form within app.