Winning opt-ins is essential for a succesful and lasting email marketing. In this post we show you how to win opt-ins with raffle boxes, registrations at terminals, registrations via tablet, write-in lists, participation cards, receipts and photo boxes – directly at the point of sale.


1. Raffle Box

A business card box, combined with a short speech or a raffle, fills up quickly at a trade show.

However: Remember the legal aspects such as the reference to the participation rules and send a confirmation of participation or a double opt-in e-mail immediately after the event (preferably as soon as possible).


Using a raffle box to win opt-ins.


2. Registration at a terminal

At interactive terminals at the POS, users can not only order products, but also subscribe to a newsletter.

Tip: Combine the newsletter subscription with a coupon that can be redeemed directly at the POS.


Registration at a Royal Canin terminal.


3. Registration via tablet

Whether at the POS, at a trade fair, at a party or in the pedestrian zone: Equipped with tablets, promotion teams ask passers-by, visitors or customers to register for the newsletter, perhaps in connection with participation in a raffle or in trade for a giveaway.


Registration via tablet.


4. Write-in lists

The mother of all mailing lists: a list for news registration. This can also be displayed, for example at the bar of a restaurant.

However: From a data protection point of view, this form of “registration” is highly flawed. In practice, this is often not seen critically. However, it is important to note that the inscription itself is not a sufficient registration. Therefore, write to the addresses as soon as possible with a double opt-in e-mail.


Write-in lists for registrations.


5. Participation cards

Written opt-ins in the form of a participation card that users need to fill in are a quick and easy way for them to opt in. However, they require more time-consuming post-processing due to data recording. In the case of a double opt-in, this can also only be obtained after a certain delay.

Tip: An unusual, creative idea for the catering industry, but also for trade fair events, are printed beer mats. The beer mat can not only simply contain a URL (QR code), but can directly serve as a form. After filling out, the beer mat is thrown into a raffle box, for example.


A beer mat used as an creative participation card.


6. Receipts

Many customers check their receipt after shopping or keep their receipts. For retailers and restaurants, the receipt is an ideal opportunity to advertise the newsletter.

The newsletter should be prominently displayed so that it does not get lost among the other information on the receipt. And with receipts, too, the URL to the landing page must be short and easy to remember. No one types out long, cryptic URLs.

Tip: Entice them with a discount coupon for their next purchase – along the lines of the incentive on the website, for example “Sign up for our newsletter now and receive a voucher for 20 EUR on your next purchase!”


Coupon-signup on a receipt.


7. Photo box

E-mail addresses can be collected as part of a photo box campaign, such as a raffle.

How about: In exchange for a newsletter opt-in, users receive the photo free of charge.


Photo box campaign by TK Maxx.


Bonus: Guerilla marketing

If you are not afraid of guerrilla marketing, you can spray your messages on the ground with chalk spray or distribute stickers in the city displaying your message.

Please regard the legal restrictions.


Guerilla marketing by Elevenparis.