In some marketing automation campaigns, fast reactions are essential. The customer clicks, buys, reaches a certain customer status or triggers something else and the reaction, for example sending a follow-up message, must be immediate. Because the right moment and context are quite crucial for the success of the campaign!

Many marketing automation campaigns and solutions are too slow for this. Instead of an action by the customer being immediately followed by a reaction in the campaign, all customers are checked once at set time periods ( for example once a day at night) to see if they have activated a trigger. Or the “trigger customers” are first collected and forwarded together at the defined time.

This error occurs most frequently when different systems such as CRM, POS system or data analytics are involved in a marketing automation campaign and the exchange between these systems does not take place in real time.

To avoid this mistake, there are three things to keep in mind:


  1. Go for marketing automation systems like ELAINE that allow real-time responses.
  2. Make sure that the exchange of data, triggers, content, etc. between the marketing automation system and other systems is capable of real-time responses as well.
  3. Design your campaigns so that actions lead to responses immediately, instead of parking your customers in queues first.


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