With Marketing automation you increase the efficiency of your campaigns and also the number of potential customers many times over. But marketing technology stacks can be very complex and thereby unmanagable.

There are many different systems that perform marketing automation tasks:

  • Shop Systems
  • CRM-Systems
  • E-Mail Marketing Systems
  • Campaign Management Systems
  • Granular solutions for individual use cases (for example shopping cart reminders)

Decentralized control of all these systems is often inefficient and error-prone. Constantly jumping between systems, you need to coordinate marketing automation campaigns across systems and ensure that communication from all systems is consistent.

Therefore, control your marketing automation campaigns centrally from a single solution like ELAINE. Transfer data, triggers, content, campaign processes, etc. and bring them together in a central marketing automation campaign view.

Integrate ELAINE as a central marketing automation solution easily into the rest of your system landscape.