Send different coupons in interactive emails. These coupons can be both selected and redeemed directly in the email.

Interactive emails allow all types of coupon redemption, such as online use via an integrated code, scanning a barcode or QR code from the email, placing the coupons in the smartphone wallet, or printing the coupons at home and thus redeeming them in your store. Value units for small purchases are also possible.

Digitize your print coupons and reduce costs in coupon creation, mailing and management. Systematically generate email addresses and retain customers through increased engagement.  

Amavita offers a selection of different coupons as well as options to redeem them directly in the email.

Best Practice: Armavita pharmacy

The pharmacy chain Amavita sends interactive emails with several selectable coupon types. The status of the coupons is checked when the email is opened. Coupons that have already been redeemed are marked accordingly. The POS system and store transmit the information in real time (see next page).

A decisive factor for the success of this form of coupon digitization was the availability of the email addresses including consent. With a previously analog process, this is not self-evident.

When the coupon is redeemed online or at the POS, the coupon data in the
email is updated in real time. At the next opening, the updated coupon data will be displayed.