Especially for paid content or software products, test accesses, or trial phases are an effective way to attract and convince new users. The user can try out the service first and does not have to buy a pig in a poke. With automated campaigns marketing automation supports you in converting users from testers to buyers or subscribers.

Example of a free trial marketing automation

The example shows a 30­ day trial version of a software. If the user registers for the trial, he will first receive a thank you email with a short introduction, which can be followed by a welcome campaign (see use case for welcome campaigns). 7 days after the start of the trial phase, the system checks whether the user has already logged in. If not, he will receive a reminder mail with the request to test the software or with some special hints about the advantages of the software.

After 14 days the software is checked again. If the user still has not logged in, he will receive a reminder mail suggesting urgency (“Last chance”). If he still has not logged in after the trial period, he is transferred to a call center and called. If the user has logged in, he will receive a mail one day later with an (incentive) offer for an upgrade to the paid version.