Discounts, raffles, coupons: In this post we give you 6 tips on how to make a newsletter-registration more attractive using little extra-gifts and generate new opt-ins.


1. Discounts for newsletter registration

Discounts, vouchers or benefits such as free shipping make a newsletter registration more attractive and also provide an incentive to buy directly. If you fear that users will only register for the one time discount and then immediately unsubscribe again, you can possibly prevent this by linking discounts to minimum order values. Remind users before the expiration date to encourage users again in case of unredeemed coupons.


Discount for newsletter registration


2. Shop-checkout-process with incentive

Do you want to increase signups in the checkout process? Then incentivize them, for example with a bonus program, a raffle (sweepstake), or an instant discount. Show at least one added value for example information about a discount or a special promotion.


Shop-checkout process with incentive


3. Coupon activation

Everyone enjoys receiving discounts. That’s why it’s also worth activating a coupon online or via app first. This provides you with the opportunity to obtain an opt in via registration or to find out more about users who have already registered. In addition to the registration form, you can also include a short questionnaire (on the second page). Once users have taken the step to start the activation process, it is very unlikely that they will abandon the process.


4. Free sample

What the document download is in B2B, the product sample is in FMCG: a registration
booster. Since freebies spread very quickly on the web, attention should be paid to data quality as early as the registration stage.


5. Newsletter registration accompanying a raffle

Raffles are an effective incentive for newsletter registration. When users fill out the entry form, they can also click a checkbox to receive the newsletter. The good thing about raffles: they do not directly influence the purchase or the purchase price.


6. Newsletter registration tied in with a raffle

Instead of making the subscription to the newsletter optional when participating in the raffle, it can also be linked mandatorily to the raffle. If you want to participate in the raffle, you must also subscribe to the newsletter.


Newsletter registration tied in with a raffle