A necessary part of opt-in acquisition is sending a double opt-in email. In this post, we show you how to increase the likelihood of an opening and confirmation of the user by announcing the double opt-in email, explaining the registration process and optimizing double opt-in-mails.


1. Announce double opt-in-mail

Announcing the double opt-in email after filling out the newsletter form increases the likelihood that users will open the email directly and click the link. This also prevents double opt-in emails that end up in spam from being overlooked.

Sending a double opt-in email is a necessary part of opt-in acquisition. However, there is always a risk that users will unsubscribe before they have confirmed the double opt-in. Especially if it is unclear to the users that they will receive another confirmation link by e-mail, they may ignore the mail. To reduce losses and give users a good impression of your clear and understandable communication, it is very helpful to announce the double opt-in email. For example, as in the picture via a small pop-up.


Yoast announces double opt-in-mails.


2. Explananing the registration process

Double opt-in? For users, this means that filling out a form is not enough, they still have to retrieve mails and click a confirmation link. This can seem complex, but it’s not. To simplify the process and take away the apparent complexity, you can briefly explain the sign-up process again (graphically).

Airbnb explaines the registration process.


3. Optimizing double opt-in-mails

The double opt-in email determines whether all the measures you have taken to generate opt-ins are successful. Therefore, the double opt-in email should be especially optimized. Pay attention to a clear address, already in the subject, a good design is mandatory.

Here in both examples, the buttons are above-the-fold in the direct field of view, even without reloaded images, and in the second example, the text once again draws attention to the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter.


NextDraft and macys optimize their double opt-in-mails.