Encouraging customers to make regular purchases is the original goal in retail. Marketing automation supports you in implementing simple but effective loyalty programs with child‘s play, e.g. to motivate customers to make follow-up purchases or increase the value of shopping carts with the help of staggered vouchers.

Example for a campaign with staggered vouchers

In the example, each purchase is checked to see if the customer has generated more than 50€ in sales. If so, he will receive a 5€ voucher after the first purchase, a 10€ voucher after the second purchase and a 15€ voucher after the third purchase. With every purchase over 50€, the voucher value increases. If the customer buys once for less than 50€, he gets a hint about the missing amount to reach the next voucher level.

Tip: Help your customers to achieve the targeted value through partner sales (Invite a friend – his first purchase counts towards your bonus).