Present your customers daily updated menus for selected locations of your restaurant or canteen chain or daily updated offers in your stores.

By clicking on a day of the week, the corresponding menu is displayed. Real-time data exchange with your ERP system ensures that the displayed data is always up-to-date, even if it is changed after the email has been sent.

In addition, a carousel element in the header allows you to add your brand and own promotions per restaurant/branch. The case is not only suitable for restaurants, but for all business models with multiple product categories or locations.

 Customers can access daily updated menus of different restaurants that are part of the SV-group.

Best Practice: SV-group

The canteen chain SV-Restaurant uses interactive menus for over 300 restaurants. The data from the ERP is synchronized in real time with the web CMS and provided via XML feed for all output channels such as web, app, print and email.

Menu data and promotional content are synchronized via the ERP system and adjusted in the email in real time.

Reduced abandonment rates even with complex workflows

The email serves as a unified platform for individually displaying the menus of any number of restaurants/branches. In this way, specific advertising and retrieval of concrete menu plans per restaurant/branch are possible. Since the email does not have to be exited even for complex workflows (e.g. comparison of different locations), you reduce the abandonment rate.

The sophisticated data management makes the email very dynamic and allows you to make flexible input corrections, even after the email has been sent.