Offer your products directly in the newsletter in a micro-shop. There your customers can for example select quantities or sizes of the products. The shopping cart with the product selection and the invoice amount is also displayed and updated in the email. After confirming the order, the customer lands on the login page of your store, where he only has to select the payment method for direct check-out. This significantly reduces the number of clicks.

Benefit of interactive micro-shops

Promote impulse buys for special purchase incentives, “deals” and sales. Reduce the number of clicks required and therefore the abandonment rate. Double-digit sales increases compared to non-interactive emails are possible.

Paul Ullrich AG integrates direct orders into email micro-shops!

Best Practice: Paul Ullrich AG

The wine and spirits supplier Paul Ullrich AG uses the micro-shop as a “weekly special” in B2B for quick impulse offers and was able to improve conversion by double digits. In B2C, the company is experimenting with automated special offers.

When the customer completes the purchase, the customer identification stored in the email system is transferred. To automate the generation of the emails to a large extent, the product data is loaded directly from the web store via a Google shopping feed.

For the automated generation of an email, mailix accesses data from the shopping feed as well as the Product Information Management (PIM).