Customers in the digital world are used to receiving the required information immediately and without delay. However, the information must also be up-to-date. When a customer orders a product, which according to the online shop display is still available (or a product promoted in a newsletter) but in reality, is already out of stock, this will understandably lead to frustration. In order to avoid this, a real-time synchronisation between information channel and data source is necessary.
It is important to integrate the direct digital marketing software with the inventory control system via a suitable interface, especially in the transaction communication, in order to respond to goods movement in real-time, e.g. in the form of dispatch or return confirmations. The marketing communication will also benefit here. You can, e.g. promote new products or products which were temporarily out of stock as soon as they come in. “The new iPhone is here now”, “Playstation 4 is now in stock”. As soon as the goods are registered in the warehouse, the inventory control system is automatically synchronised with the direct digital marketing software and sends out a relevant campaign.

Clearance Sales

In order to support clearance sales, direct digital marketing measures can automatically be adapted to the stock levels. This allows you to increase, e.g. the sales of shelf warmers, outdated products or products with particularly high storage costs. A product with a very low stock turnover may automatically trigger an email promoting the product with a voucher. “We are clearing our stock!” 50% discount on last season’s fashion!”
Another option is the display of stock levels directly in the marketing measure, checking it exactly at the time when the customer opens, e.g. a newsletter. 523 sold in only 2 days! Only 477 left!” This creates a sense of urgency to hasten the purchase of the product.