If you want to cover every niche-use-case in your marketing automation campaigns, you will produce unnecessary effort as well as unrulable complexity. Therefore always start bottom-up with the most generic cases when you set up a marketing automation campaign.

The extensive possibilities of marketing automation entice to tinker with and experiment: Every possible reaction from the customer can lead to a new fork in the marketing automation campaign.

But what if some reactions almost never occur? Is it worth creating separate if-then branches in marketing automation campaigns for such “niches”? If the niche is particularly lucrative (platinum customers, for example), it may be. If not, you are unnecessarily increasing the effort in creating marketing automation campaigns but also in maintainability or later adjustments.


The solution: bottom-up planning! Always start with the simplest variant of a marketing automation campaign, gain initial experience and gradually increase the complexity until significant improvements in results are no longer possible or are no longer commercially viable.

Best-Practice: Using a heat map with colored markers in ELAINE CampaignDesigner, you can track how frequented individual steps of the campaign are in this Marketing Automation campaign.