Mobile has become an obligatory part of the digital marketing mix. According to the study Direct digital Marketing in Retail 2016, 34.9% of German retailers already use mobile marketing, a further 32% are planning its use. The most important mobile marketing tool are mobile optimised emails.
The inadequate optimisation of emails for the use on mobile terminal devices presents an obstacle for many users. Too much (horizontal) scrolling, display-busting images, tiny control elements etc. can frustrate users, limit the success of an email campaign and result in high unsubscription rates. The solution comes with ultra responsive emails, which automatically adjust to the corresponding terminal device and use context in real-time. With ultra responsive emails , contents are not only adjusted to the display size, but you can also deliver individual, specific content depending on the terminal device properties, e.g. iTunes offers only for Apple devices or high resolution graphics for tablets with retina display.

Correctly Determining the Mobile Rate

In the medium term, mobile optimisation of emails will become obligatory for almost all companies doing email marketing. In order to determine whether it already pays off to invest in ultra responsive emails or other mobile email marketing measures, such as mobile coupons or geo-location, the mobile rate can be a useful indicator. The mobile rate shows how many opens of an email have happened on a mobile terminal device. In general, it is also possible to further differentiate the mobile devices, e.g. according to Smartphones and tablets or operation systems used. The use of ultra responsive emails pays off from a mobile rate of approximately 20 %.
Mobile Rate = mobile opens / total opens * 100