Interactive emails eliminate media breaks and in the best case, the user remains in the email until conversion. Automatically send follow-up emails after webinars or other events asking attendees for next steps, such as specific interest in a solution to a topic.

Provide only 2-3 response options to choose from at the beginning. Depending on the choice, pop up a decision tree with further steps, as in a choice of specific topic interests. This way you can not only segment the participants, but in the best case directly initiate a sales contact without interrupting the contact.

The multi-level decision tree process means that the entry hurdles for the participant are very low. He can be guided quickly and seamlessly to a conversion. Depending on the use case, you can segment participants for further lead nurturing.

Best Practice

In a follow-up email after a webinar on interactive emails, Mayoris first queried attendees’ general interest in the topic. If this was present, interest in specific content of the webinar was asked. A consultation could be arranged directly in the email.


Mayoris gained prospective clients for a consultation following a webinar.