Marketing Automation campaigns can be built to last ages. Once set up correctly, they run continuously and produce results without you having to intervene. What sounds like a perfect measure also has its pitfalls when Marketing Automation campaigns are “forgotten”. After all, the campaign may eventually stop running properly and no one notices until a customer complains.

This problem is exacerbated if the Marketing Automation campaign was not properly documented. Suddenly you have to solve a problem, but you don’t know where it came from, how the campaign works, and whether you need to consider dependencies when you make changes.

Documentation & regular reviews

To prevent situations as these, you need to document all of your marketing automations in detail. You should also subject all your automations to a regular review. Check, among other things, whether

  • …all steps of marketing automation are still working at all.
  • …addressed APIs are still accessible.
  • …used data still exists.
  • …the automation has become redundant through other measures or can be optimized.
  • …the messages sent still comply with your CI and other guidelines (for example with regard to addressing customers).
  • …all responsible employees can understand how the automation works on the basis of the documentation.