Nowadays, 78.7 percent of people in Germany use social media! That’s no small number, making social media an important touchpoint with your target group. However, all these fans and followers belong to the big social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, but also Xing and LinkedIn. In the following tips, we’ll tell you how you can “lure” fans out of the networks and also win them over for your email marketing via social media opt-ins.


Login with Social Media Account

For many, social networks are almost a central identity and thus an authentication service. By logging in via the Facebook or Google account, the user’s essential data is transferred without further input, which makes registration easier for many.

Explicitly point out which data you take over with the registration.


Signing in with a social media account at Decathlon


Social Media Posts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Promote your newsletter with Facebook or Instagram posts or tweets on Twitter and link directly to your landing page so that users can sign up immediately. Promote your newsletter on social networks at regular intervals.

And unsurprising to noone: visual content works! So why not include a link to your newsletter landing page in descriptions of images and videos you post on Facebook or Twitter? On Twitter, it’s important to keep in mind: The maximum length of a tweet is 280 characters, a link in a tweet requires 24 characters, and an image, GIF or video in a tweet requires 25 characters. 92 percent of all user interactions with tweets contain links. Tweets with images see higher click-through rates.

List the benefits for newsletter subscribers and provide a link to the landing page. On Instagram, links are not clickable, but interested users can copy the link text to the browser via their clipboard.


Instagram Post promoting the VHS Newsletters


Facebook Event

You can create an event on Facebook for webinars, workshops or interviews. In the event, you provide a link to the landing page of your event, where users can register. Promote your newsletter on the landing page and in the registration process. You then promote the Facebook event in various posts or stories.


Facebook Event


Social Media Profile Description: Instagram, Twitter

The only clickable link you can put on Instagram is the one on your profile description. Of course, you can also put the link to your newsletter landing page there. If you don’t want to do that, then make sure you promote your newsletter prominently on the linked page.


Link embedded in an Instagram profile description

On Twitter, too, you have the option of adding further information about your company, including links, to your company profile, your Twitter biography. Please note that you are again limited to a maximum number of characters of 160.


Instagram: Story, Reel, IGTV

The fleeting, 15-second Stories on Instagram are photos or videos that are displayed in a separate section, unlike posts. Generate opt-ins with Instagram Stories by promoting your newsletter in them and linking to them in your Stories. In doing so, you can also easily provide a glimpse of your newsletter, its topics and content in your Stories. Save the Story with your newsletter promotion in your Highlights.


Newsletter promotion in an Instagram Story

In the same manner, you can also promote your newsletter with an Instagram Reel. You can publish Instagram Reels only in the Explore section of Instagram or also in your feed.

With the launch of IGTV, video content has taken on a new importance on Instagram, where videos can be up to an hour long. This gives you the opportunity to provide comprehensive and user-oriented content, so of course you can also promote your newsletter here.


Youtube: Description Text and Link at the End of the Video

Call attention to your newsletter on Youtube in the description text under your videos. Mention this link also in the video itself, if you have the possibility to do so. For example, “Would you like to learn more about us? Then subscribe to our newsletter, you can find the link in the description text of this video.”

You can likewise include a link to your Youtube deposited website at the end of your video. Why shouldn’t that be the landing page to your newsletter subscription? If you prefer to link your home page, make sure that your newsletter signup is prominent and directly discoverable. Appealing phrases like “Want to learn more about our product? Then subscribe to our newsletter!” in the linking help here.


LinkedIn and Xing: Sharing Company Description and Expert Knowledge

LinkedIn and Xing have become less career sites and more social media platforms. Take advantage of this, share relevant content on the platforms and also promote your newsletter. To do this, first use the company description in the profile.

On LinkedIn, you only have limited options to describe your company. With the customizable buttons, you can choose between “Visit website”, “Learn more”, “Register” and “Login”. If you wish, you can add a link to the landing page of your newsletter behind “Learn more”. In the company description “Info” you can also add a link to your website. Link directly to your newsletter landing page or to your company website. Then again, be sure to promote the newsletter prominently “Above the Fold”.

On Xing, you can link to your website in the profile or company description as a text link. Use business pages on Xing, then use them to promote your newsletter as a product.

Noone knows your field like you do. Share your knowledge with the LinkedIn and Xing community via posts and contributions, convince in discussions and forums. Your posts land directly in the feed of your network contacts – link your posts to the landing page of your newsletter.