High data quality in the form of complete and up to date user profiles is important in marketing. However, important data is often missing or outdated. Automate the data update and completion!

With marketing automation you evaluate the completeness and/or topicality of your user profiles at regular intervals and automatically ask your users to complete and/or update them.

Lower the barrier for entering personal data during registration by dividing the data query process into several steps.

Example for extending and updating profile-data

In the example the user is asked in the first step to enter the most important information in a registration form: Title, surname, first name, email address. This is sufficient for a basic profile and especially for the opt-in for email communication. In the second step of the form further relevant information are requested, e.g. place of residence, date of birth, interests or in the B2B company, position, and telephone number. Once a quarter the data entered is checked for sufficiency. If necessary, the user is asked to complete the data byemail. In addition, the user will be asked once a year for a general check of the actuality of his data.

Campaign example for extending and updating profile-data