The first purchase in the online shop should not have been the last. To prevent this, there are many possibilities that marketing automation can easily realize to strengthen the customer loyalty. Everyone knows the order confirmation in the mailbox after a purchase. It is usually the first impression that gives the recipient information about the company’s communication with its customers. Unfortunately, from a marketing point of view, these emails are used far too little to create a constant customer relationship. Simple marketing automation sequences make it possible to stand out from the competition, make more out of this special occasion and set the first step for customer loyalty.
It starts with the order confirmation after the purchase in the online shop. Many customers open their mailbox after an order to confirm the transaction. If a customer looks into his mailbox, waiting for your email, there is almost no better moment to surprise him with something unusual and thus lay the foundation for further follow-up communication.
One date, many possibilities – with marketing automation
Marketing Automation offers many possibilities for after-sales communication with little effort. Was it the first purchase? Then activate the new customer with a special welcome series. Generate additional customers with a specific request for further recommendations or increase your reputation by asking for evaluation. Motivate the customer for recurring purchases through automatic reactivation after the expiration of typical repurchase periods. Best of all, all you need is a single piece of information: the date of the last purchase. If a customer has done a purchase, the process in the marketing automation system gets triggered and it starts sending the corresponding mailings.

An example for the follow-up communication  
In an example, the customer receives a “Thank you for your purchase”-mail with the order confirmation. In addition, there is the possibility to draw his attention to suitable offers and the social media channels. Who is the customer? The marketing automation system knows whether your customer is a first-time buyer or a loyal customer and whether you have an advertising opt-in for further communication in the context of the transaction.
A week later the follow-up starts: “Were you satisfied?” If so, “Recommend us” or “We would be very pleased about a short review in our shop”. Two months after the last purchase: “We miss you! Visit our shop! “With Marketing Automation, you can automate the dialogue at the right time with the right measures by email, SMS or App-Push and thus exploit the complete marketing potential of a purchase. This way you can use periods of high attention for your emails more efficiently and the effort remains low thanks to marketing automation.
Tip: Use your already existing transaction communication in the online shop. With marketing automation systems, you can easily integrate transaction mails from the existing backend into your marketing and use them as trigger for automation.
More information about Marketing Automation
Making the purchase in the online shop a special experience for the customer by welcome series and additional offers is just one of the many possibilities for marketing automation. You can find further information in our Blog.