How much revenue you are losing everyday due to shopping cart abandonments? On average, over 60% of shopping carts are abandoned. With a marketing automation series, you can win some of them back.

Marketing automation: reminder to the customer

There a many reasons why customers abandon a shopping cart. Shipping costs are too high, the shopping cart is used as a personal memo or the preferred payment option is not available. Nowadays we’re easily interrupted. Imagine the following situation: Your customer is shopping on his mobile device in the morning on his way to work, by the time he returns home at night when he has time to complete the purchase, he has probably forgotten about it. Remind him of his abandoned shopping cart and regain part of his purchases. It is particularly helpful when the marketing automation system offers integrations for shop tracking systems, making it easier to identify abandoned shopping carts. If the customer is still not interested in a purchase, the series triggers a follow-up to find out why the customer has not completed his purchase.

Example Shopping Cart Abandonment Mail

Finding the right measure for time and design

Reminding the customer of the abandoned shopping cart is a services that will be appreciated because it shows your initiative. However, the dispatch time of your email is decisive in order to be effective. If the customer was planning to complete the purchase later but receives immediately a reminder email, he might perceive this as negative. The design of the email is also very important as you don’t want to seem too pushy.

Use case of shopping cart abandonment reactivation

In this example, one day after the shopping cart is abandoned a reminder including a small incentive, e.g. a product sample in the shopping basket, is made. If the reminder doesn’t achieve the desired effect or no purchase takes place in the meantime, the user is reminded again after one more day, this time with an additional incentive such as a discount coupon. In each email, the user has the option to cancel the transaction by clicking a “No interest” button. If he does so, he will receive a short survey to find out the reasons for the cancellation.

Example Marketing Automation Shopping Cart Cancellation

Tips and tricks

Tip 1: Instead of sending a simple reminder, arouse the interest of the customer with “Start Order” or create his curiosity (“We have added a surprise / a gift to your shopping cart”).
Tip 2: Provide a “Not interested any more” button. This will allow you to follow up, e.g. on a landing page, why the customer has not purchased anything.

Consider the legal framework. Your need the customer’s permission to send shopping cart reminders.