As a supplier of fast-moving consumer products, it is not always easy to retain customers. Everywhere the competition is lurking and the customer only has to remember at the wrong time and in the wrong place that he will soon need the product again and he has already landed by chance with another supplier. Therefore, prevent this with an automated repurchase reminder and bind the customer to you.

Does your core product need new spare parts at certain intervals (for example razor blades or toner) or is it a consumer product such as coffee or diapers? If so, marketing automation can help to implement special services with little effort, with customer or product-specific repurchase reminders. If you know the frequency with which the customer will buy replacements, simply send them a reminder email in good time, asking whether they need replenishment. At best, you prepare the order so that the customer only has to confirm it. Charming, clever speeches can replace precise data – e.g. on consumption.

All a question of timing

Therefore, the time when the customer will buy the new product is crucial. If you start here and send an email, the probability increases that they will buy from you again and not from the competition. A good option if the exact consumption and thus the time of repurchase is not clear is to let your customer control the time period for reminders, directly with a short click in the reminder email: “Remind me again in a week/one month/three months/etc.” Technologies such as ELAINE can also “remember” the frequency with which the customer buys the product again and thus automatically adjust the time in the best possible way.

An implementation example for repurchase reminders

In the example, customers are reminded to buy consumables again. This does not necessarily require an adjustment to the store, because the e-mail is merely a product link played out at the appropriate time.

Workflow example for repurchase reminders

Using service reminders

You can use the same principle for recurring service appointments. artegic’s customer BMW / JAWA, for example, reminds vehicle owners of visits to the workshop.