Employee Onboarding is more important than ever because of the changing labor market. The idea of ​​working in the same company over decades is nowadays the least desirable for the fewest employees. With a good introduction, however, companies can nevertheless bind their employees at an early stage. Marketing automation makes it easy to design the process in a more efficient and uniform way. It is also possible to optimize the process continuously.
The germanized term of onboarding means more than just the “training” of a new colleague: With onboarding, we want to “get them on board”, enable them to become a part of the team and prepare them in a professional and cultural way for their new environment and their new tasks. Onboarding thus describes the organizational integration of new employees. Onboarding is also the first measure for employee commitment. The experience that an employee makes over the course of the first year is a decisive factor in the attitude towards the company and thus forms the basis for good cooperation.

Commitment for higher performance

If the employees have a high emotional attachment to the company, the commitment expresses through a low early fluctuation, high performance, loyalty and commitment to the organization. Such colleagues are often more satisfied with their work and their environment. A very desirable condition for employees and the organization.
However, according to a survey conducted by the Gallup Institute, many German companies have one problem: only 16 percent of the workforce fulfill the high emotional bond in the study. The majority of the workforce, 68 percent, is “duty-based” (Gallup Institute, 2016). This prevents innovation and quality and thus affects the companies financially, in the form of productivity losses and, above all, with dissatisfied and unmotivated employees. For these reasons, it is important to “get on board” as early as possible in order to ensure a long-term successful cooperation. Companies should therefore intensively deal with structured onboarding. A basic pillar for this is the provision of the necessary information on practices, procedures and possibilities in the new company: Who does what? Who are the right people to contact? What are the general events and internal communication media? Especially for this general information, which must be uniform for each new employee, it is a great idea to use email. This not only saves paper, costs and time, it also gives the newcomer the opportunity to familiarize himself with system requirements and to store everything important for fast access. Particularly charming is the possibility of splitting large quantities of information. Especially during the first few days, the employees gets many new information. It is helpful to repeat the most important information once again in the course of the first weeks.

Employee Onboarding with Marketing Automation

Instead of extensive, brittle welcome packs, it is therefore a matter of sending onboarding information with marketing automation over a multi-stage route. This allows an introduction of corporate culture and the employees tasks. Depending on the company or company area, of course, different information is important, so each mail includes different information.
We at artegic welcome our new colleagues on the first day, of course, with a tour of the company, some physical basic information and tasty treats on the workspace. In addition, the employee gets a warm welcome in the mailbox, which also announces the upcoming mailing route, explains its purpose and again introduces the most important contact persons. In further mailings we point out, for example, our specific security regulations, the business and operating regulations and information on data security, explain the tasks and responsibilities of the individual divisions by means of our organizational chart, or point out regular events such as our First Thursdays and employee meetings. Our mailings also provide help for self-help: they contain information on where to find our wiki and how to maintain it, how to log in to the internal chat client, etc. It makes sense to do some pauses in between the mailings to split the information in a structured way for the new employee. We ourselves send about 1-2 onboarding mails per week and use this information opportunity as an additional program to the offline world.
Thus, the marketing automation route provides an easy way to develop a flexible and specifically tailored onboarding program that fits the company.
Just like our childhood decides over a large part of our behavior in the future, the first impressions or the introduction into a new company also determines the further relationship between company and individual. This is why it is so important to lay the foundations for positive cooperation as early as possible and not to leave the experiences of the new colleagues to coincidence.
Marketing information routes can also inform the employees about benefits in the company on a regular basis. This might be for example the regulations on topics such as work-life balance, flexible working hours, health promotion, special measures for older employees, talent management and high-level incentives.

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