Satisfied customers are good customers. So why not ask about satisfaction? Take the opportunity to take care of  the dissatisfied ones. Thank the satisfied ones and ask them to recommend you.

Example of an automated survey campaign

In the example, a satisfaction follow-up is sent automatically 7 and 180 days after a transaction. In the first case, to determine satisfaction immediately after the transaction (e.g. an order or a contact with the service center). In the second case, to determine the level of satisfaction in the customer relationship in the case of contacts that go back a long time. As a small extension: The first survey is only carried out once every 60 days in order not to address particularly active customers too often. If the customer answers positively, a thank you is sent. If the customer answers negatively, an additional request (which is linked to another incentive) for concrete feedback is made.

This way you can find out why the customer is dissatisfied. The multi-stage dialogue increases the willingness to provide qualified feedback. ELAINE marketing automation uses these occasions to motivate customers to evaluate received services. In this way, helpful insights can be gained that enable you to improve your service and performance experience and show appreciation to the customer.