E-mail marketing is a classic in digital dialogue marketing for B2B companies, whether they are suppliers, engineering specialists, or wholesalers. Effective, with the highest return on investment of all digital marketing channels, and above all: efficient. E-mail marketing is an indispensable component in the digital marketing mix of B2B companies. In this blog post series we present 13 tips for email marketing in B2B.
Sympathy continues to play a significant role in many decisions, especially in the B2B context, where complex products and services that require explanation are usually involved. In this case, a purchase is often preceded by extensive personal consultations and in the after-sales department there are also regular interpersonal contacts, e. g. during support inquiries or in the context of training courses.
This personal contact is also important in email marketing, even if the emails sent are not individually written by one person or sent personally. It is often enough to convey the impression of a 1-to-1 communication and to be able to establish a personal contact, if necessary, in order to establish a closer relationship between the user and the company. Use a personal sender, depending on the context, e. g. a sales representative, a support employee or, in the case of important messages to decision-makers, someone from the top management.
Modern marketing automation solutions allow different people to be entered as senders or contacts with simple personalization functions. The sender’s address or signature can also be played out dynamically, so that each user receives his or her email from the employee responsible. In this way you can give the information and offers a “face” and users know who to contact for more information. For this purpose, you should implement  appropriate response options which allow the user to establish a “real” contact if necessary.
Try out for yourself: You will receive the best responses on emails that look like a handwritten, personally sent mail.