Automatically send interactive emails after purchases asking for reviews of products purchased. Or use campaigns to target the rating of specific products and thus promote their sales. The rating takes place directly in the email and is transferred from there to your online store, for example. Indexable ratings can also be used with Google Shopping.

Product reviews increase the credibility of your offered products and lead to more sales thanks to social proof. Through simplified user navigation, you will not only receive more reviews, but also more positive ones, since satisfied customers usually spend less effort on submitting a review than dissatisfied customers.

Through interactive emails, you receive an average of 20-30 percent more reviews.


Best Practice

Mayoris regularly asks contacts about their satisfaction via interactive email. Mayoris uses both a star rating for a quantitative rating and a free text field to ask for praise, criticism and detailed suggestions for improvement.


Mayoris uses interactive emails to quickly and easily get reviews from customers and prospects.