Registration-processes and shop-checkout-processes are moments in which your users confide their data to you. These moments are the moments in which you can also ask for your users opt-in for your newsletter. In this blogpost we give you tips on how and at what point in the registration-process and shop-checkout-process you can win new addresses for your email marketing.


In the registration-process

If users register for an online store, a community, a press area, a club or similar, they are in a moment of high commitment: Subscribing to the newsletter is then just a small, additional click. Therefore, place an additional checkbox for the newsletter in the registration form.

Include in the terms and conditions that users may receive important information about their user accounts by e mail. Then at least certain service information can be communicated without newsletter opt in.


Opt-In checkbox in registration form



Must-have in e-commerce: Place an additional checkbox for newsletter registration as part of the checkout-process of your online store. It is best to do this on the last page in connection with the confirmation of purchase / terms and conditions, so that the user only has to click one field further. Tip: If you place the newsletter registration at the beginning of the checkout process, you can follow up on canceled transactions by e-mail afterwards.


Opt-in checkbox in checkout form


Shop-Checkout-Process with incentive

Do you want to increase signups in the checkout process? Then incentivize them, for example with a bonus program, a raffle (sweepstake), or an instant discount. Show at least one added value – for example information about discount and special promotions.


Opt-in checkbox in checkout form, with incentive