Email Marketing is the most used digital marketing tool in German retail. In addition, it also plays a major role as a sales driver in email marketing. One in three retailers now generated a quarter of their online turnover via email marketing, compared to 2010 when it was only 5 %. (Source: Online Dialogue Marketing in Retail) So, how is email marketing doing in German retail? We have compiled 10 interesting facts for you.

Sales Driver:

One in three retailers generates a quarter of their online turnover via email marketing.

Top Online Marketing Tool:

8 in 10 online retailers focus on email marketing. More than half of the retailers without their own e-shop use email marketing.


More than a third (36.1%) of retailers already obtain consent for user-related profiling.

Growth 1:

One in five B2B retailers, who are currently not using email marketing, are planing its future use.

Growth 2:

Almost two thirds of all retailers would like to increase their investment in email marketing in the future.

Positive Outlook:

63.3% of German retailers believe that the significance of email marketing will increase for retail.

Fully Optimised:

78.9% will use mobile optimised emails in the future. Currently, it is only 28.6%.

Mobile on the Road:

Over half of mobile marketers in retail focus on mobile trigger emails.

Class not Mass:

Unsegmented mass emails are only used by 33.3% of retailers. However, the use of more sophisticated methods, such as lifecycle or customer intelligence emails is increasing.

Data Integration:

Improved merging of data sources is the most important target in email marketing.